A1-A2 Testament Course

For every one of the wannabes who need to become capable in the French language, ETUDIONS is the most ideal decision for them. Among top French Foundations Delhi, ETUDIONS has arisen to be the most well known one. The Organization offers advanced proficient courses in the French language to satisfy the fantasy of understudies who need to get comfortable in different countries where French is the prime communication language. 

Experienced mentors will direct the understudies all through the whole course. We guarantee to give the educational plan that will be extensive to each French student.

Top academicians having significant information on the French language are appended to our lofty establishments. We are happy to tell understudies that ETUDIONS offers the best French Courses in Delhi. The French language courses presented at ETUDIONS cover every one of the expected components to break world-certify assessments

French Language Beginner Course Is Divided Into The Following Levels:

A1 Beginner Level Course

The French language course begins with the fledglings’ level-A1 at ETUDIONS. The course will help understudies to learn fundamental expressions and well known words in French. At this level, understudies will figure out how to reply about their own subtleties and whereabouts and can speak with French-talking people gradually yet obviously. This level is your initial step to get familiar with the language.

A2 Elementary Course

A2 is the elementary level where students will start learning the construction of sentences and commonly used expressions. At this level, you will start understanding how to communicate with native French speakers easily.

Things Covered

Course Element


Once you take admission to ETUDIONS, you will get details about the course contents. The course covers the areas mentioned below.

·         Present Indefinite, Continuous and Perfect tenses

·         Imperative, Positive and negative sentence framing.

·         Use of articles, prepositions, verbs and adjectives.

·         Speaking, writing and listening classes.

·         Training on intonation and expressions.

Last but not least, the trained professionals will guide you about the spheres where you can use this language for your career growth.

Beneficial For

The level of A1 and A2 courses are the best for the aspirants who have never learnt French language. Students after completion of their 10+2 degree, can join this course while they are pursuing graduation. We are glad to inform you that many students who have completed the A1 and A2 levels with ETUDIONS have already get high-paid jobs in renowned companies.

Exam Pattern:- 1st Exam(Grammar:100 Marks), 2nd Exam( Written Expression:100 Marks), 3rd Exam (Oral:100 Marks)+ 50 Marks of Class performance.

Classes Format:- 120 Minutes class and 4 days a week (Classes are also available on weekends for working professionals)


Course Highlights

·         Sufficient opportunities for practice

·         Advanced translation services

·         Flexible Timetable

·         Courses come with real-time corporate Training

In this era, getting the right job is not an easy task and having proficiency in a foreign language always enhances the skills of the aspirants to get their dream job. If you attain mastery in foreign languages, it is evident that it becomes easy to get a high-paid job in this competitive market.

So, if you have decided to expertise in the French language, register your name with ETUDIONS institute today and let your dream come true.


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